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I chose this subject because I have loved this type of art ever since the 60s (!)  and now that I have access to the internet I have been able to find out so much more about it that it has rekindled my enthusiasm.


Kinetic Painting no 3 (Celentano)

This is probably the most recognisable of all Op Art images. It was used as the logo for a record label and produced the most fascinating effect when the record was actually turning - hence the name  VERTIGO

The image was retrieved from Dircon's site (see below )on 18th March 2000.



This is a short piece of text which is a summary of the principles behind the Op art Movement and is an edited version of material from library.thinkquest    which was retrieved on March 18th 2000. This is a first rate source of information about modern art of all kinds from Modern Masterworks. The site as a whole is a comprehensive learning resource for students and tutors on a vast range of topics, but so far I have been unable to find out exactly whose site it is.   The range of topics and high standard of coverage appear undeniable.


This will take you to a condensed history of the Op Art Movement, including some of the most popular exponents.This again is a heavily edited version of material from opart.dircon which was retrieved on 16th April 2000. This is actually a musical site - Operation Applied Rhythmic Technology . At this stage I did not investigate the musical side (because I didn't understand how it worked) but the Op Art write up is very interesting and appears to be factually accurate.


A short piece about Bridget Riley who is, to my mind anyway, the best of all. The material was culled from the Encyclopaedia Britannia Artists page on 16th April 2000 and I wouldn't have the nerve to question the accuracy of the information.


Two examples of Bridget Riley's work - one proving that she works in colour as well as black and white!

The first image is from The House of Digital Delights  which I found through Google on March 18th 2000.   This is a goldmine of a site.  There are plenty of fascinating images from most of the main op artists, although one of the images has both vertical and horizontal scroll bars!!   The artists are not credited  -  the contents of the Bridget Riley section could be the reason for this. But on the other hand the lack of credit could be the reason for the dispute!  The coloured image is from Paceprints  (also found on March 18th) which does not pretend to be anything but a commercial site. The design is clear and easy to follow - similar to Amazon and other sites of that type.


Vasarely and Escher are only two amongst many - although there are those who say that Escher's work is not true op art but "just graphics". They are particular favourites of mine - endlessly fascinating!

These two links are to commercial gallery sites. They are both well organised and the Escher site in particular gives interesting information about the artist. Both galleries use thumbnail images with a zoom function, which is an excellent way of keeping the loading time down while giving the visitor the option of seeing a larger image.  The images were both retrieved using this facility on March 18th.


If I can do it anyone can!

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