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These assignments were part of the OU course
"You, Your Computer and the Net"

As I took this course in 2000, it is very unlikely that the links to anywhere outside this website will still be current.  My apologies for that.   The pages themselves may still be of interest - I hope so.

The course was ground-breaking as it was entirely online and, after the course was underway, all communication was by email or by means of the university's FirstClass conferencing system.    This does not include the unofficial meetings at various local hostelries.  [grin]    As you will see from the Survivors pages these have continued even though the course itself has been discontinued.

When the course materials arrived, I had never even switched on a computer without the aid of a safety net.   The OU lent me a computer and T171  taught me what to do with it.  

Since then I have learnt the joy of using software to make my own images using fractal software.   I have - for health reasons - had to become a very stay at home person.  The computers (I now have 4!!) and the internet have saved me from the isolation that this could have meant.

Thank you OU!  Thank you T171!

TMA02 - Op Art
TMA03 - Medicine and the Internet

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