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When the forest’s are gone and the deserts make free
With the land that at one time supported the tree,
We’ll regret that we didn’t prevent it in time-
This greedy, insane, irreversible crime!

Slash and burn is the method that clears them so fast,
All these towering giants from way in the past.
In the thousands of years that it took them to grow
Man’s achievement’s immense, but we don’t seem to know
That the planet’s not here just for us to despoil
For mahogany toilet seats - briefly in style!

All that valuable timber’s too tempting to leave,
But we don’t seem to care when we plunder and thieve,
That to empty the forests, we having to clear
Indigenous peoples who’ve lived there for years.
It’s their lives we’re destroying, their homes we erase
When with chainsaws in action, the forest’s laid waste.

But the the irony is that, along with the wood,
We are killing the secrets - the power for good,
The cures for disease that these timberlands hold.
And all for a few short-lived handsfull of gold!

When we rue in the future just what we have lost
And we make an attempt at assessing the cost,
There’ll be no point whatever to blame it on fate,
For we did it ourselves and it’s  “Sorry, too late!”



 Latou                                                               1995

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