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When the scenery has vanished and there’s concrete everywhere,
It will be too late for asking - however much we care-
Why we let the car take over - we were warned well in advance.
So why ever didn’t we listen, when we might have stood a chance?

What’s the use of Pay/Display or fancy schemes like Park and Ride?
What we need is public transport, city, town and country-wide.
Let the car stay in the garage - we’ll survive with bus and train,
Put the freight back on the railways - get it off the road again.

All the money we could save on building roads that no-one needs
Could be spent on inner cities - they’d be almost traffic free
We’d have so much less pollution, childrens asthma would be gone.
Accidents from drunken driving would be whittled down to none.

But the greatest of the benefits that we would come to see
Is  - less room allowed for traffic means more room for you and me!                                  


 Latou                                                            1996

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